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Plants are available in HTML, JSON, XML, CSV, TXT and YAML views. Built by Shane Becker (@veganstraightedge), Eli Duke (@elisfanclub) and Bookis Smuin (@bookis). Maintained by Jonathan Vingiano (@jgv).

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Some examples are
Basil Thyme (HTML)
Paradise Apple (JSON)
Kudzu Vine (XML)
Southern Crab Grass (CSV)
Live Oak (YAML)
Coastal Redwood (TXT)

Searches can be made with query parameters for any combination of: latin_name, author, botanical_references, family, common_name, habit, deciduous_evergreen, height, width, hardyness, in_cultivation, medicinal, range, habitat, soil, shade, moisture, well_drained, nitrogen_fixer, ph, acid, alkaline, saline, wind, growth_rate, pollution, poor_soil, drought, wildlife, woodland, meadow, wall, in_leaf, flowering_time, seed_ripens, flower_type, pollinators, self_fertile, known_hazards, synonyms, cultivation_details, edible_uses, uses_notes, propagation_1, cultivars, cultivars_in_cultivation, heavy_clay, pull_out, last_update, record_checked, edibility_rating, frost_tender, site_specific_notes, scented, medicinal_rating in any of our supported formats (HTML, JSON, XML, CSV, TXT and YAML).